What is is a directory where you can find on a map all the Heavy-Metal pubs, venues, clubs and their pictures, events and reviews. Venue holders can redeem their place if it already listed or they can add it for every metal-head in the world to find it!

Hey my favorite pub isn’t on your list yet! Can I add it?

Yes please! It’s really easy to add your favorite place to our map! Just register on the site (with a valid email, or through Facebook or Twitter), and press the “Place Submit” button on the top menu. You will be asked for the place details (don’t forget to press the “Set Address on Map” button!), and you will be able to add some pics et voila, your place is on the map!

What’s the difference between Pub and Club?

We consider a Club a place where you have to pay to get in (disco, concert venues, big places etc.). Tipically a Pub has got a free entry admission, even it may be that sometimes you will have to pay for the admission during particular events.

What’s Underground Gigs category?

This is a special tag useful for small bands: with this tag a place can advertise the fact that they are accepting small bands playing there, therefore musicians can plan their tour using and directly contact the venues.

Do you book gigs for the bands?

Not yet.. Stay tuned! \m/

I have been to a pub and I had a really wonderful night there. I want to share my thoughts with everyone, how can I do that?

Great! If you want to add a review to a pub, register to our site (you can use a valid email or Facebook or Twitter), look for the Pub you want to review, open its page and go on the bottom of the page: you’ll be able to add a review!

How much does it cost to add my place on the map?

Listing on the map is totally free! No hidden costs for listing your place on the site.

My band is going to play a show in a venue, can I add an event?

Not yet, but we are working on the “events” matter. We will update the site very soon!

I am the owner of a place that is already listed on, can I manage the page?

If you are the owner of a place or the organizer of an event, you can redeem the page clicking on the “Business Owner?” button in the listing details page.

My club has got a bad review. I want you to delete it!

Users are free to express their opinions on and they take the responsibility to do so. We usually don’t delete opinions of our users unless there is personal offense or racism involved. If you feel that a review has been made to sabotate your club, contact us through the contact form and we’ll discuss the matter directly.

What are those “Metal Points” I see associated to my account?

When you interact with you will receive Metal Points that will be used to determine your rank, title and eventually some badges. The actual list of ranks is:

    • The Living Avatar of the true Spirit of Metal

    • King of Metal

    • Metal Duke

    • Baron of Metal

    • Metal Archmage

    • Black Knight

    • Metal Bard

    • Metal Priest

    • Esquire of Metal

    • Metal Peasant

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